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2009. augusztus 15. –  Szombat

Pray With Mary

With Mary, say your own “yes” to God, for he wishes to give himself to you.

2009. augusztus 14. –  Péntek

Stirring Within

Every time I receive him I must feel renewed that longing which stirs within me to live for Jesus only.

2009. augusztus 13. –  Csütörtök

The Way

The Holy Eucharist is a great means through which to aspire perfection.

2009. augusztus 12. –  Szerda

Bring Heaven Home

When we begin to see that heaven awaits us in the Mass, we begin already to bring our home to heaven. And we begin already to bring heaven home with us.

2009. augusztus 11. –  Kedd


The true meaning of charity is more the giving of what you are than of what you have.

2009. augusztus 10. –  Hétfő


Your Spirit in the bread and the fire in your cup are true miracles which our lips receive.

2009. augusztus 9. –  Vasárnap

Daily Mass

The best way to economize time is to “lose” half an hour each day attending Holy Mass.

2009. augusztus 8. –  Szombat

Witnessing Sacredness

Whether it is a prayer card or statue, a photo or piece of jewelry, the different ways that we carry our spirituality around with us bear witness to the sacredness of everyday life.

2009. augusztus 7. –  Péntek

Soul’s Journey

Grief is not an illness that requires a cure; rather, it is a call to embark on a journey of the soul.

2009. augusztus 6. –  Csütörtok

Growing to God

Growth is a process that does not always go straight ahead.

2009. augusztus 5. –  Szerda

In Community, Possibilities

In our efforts to be human God, does not leave us to fend for ourselves…. In community—communion—we are reminded that everything is possible.

2009. augusztus 4. –  Kedd

Love in Godly Ways

It is in and through the Holy Spirit that we are able to know God, that God is able to know us, and that we are able, in grace, to live and love in godly ways.

2009. augusztus 3. –  Hétfő

God of Beauty

To deprive ourselves of beauty is to deprive ourselves of an important reminder of God, who is Beauty itself.

2009. augusztus 2. –  Vasárnap

God’s Presence

The divine’s message often comes in unlikely forms through unexpected voices.

2009. augusztus 1. –  Szombat

Thirsting for God

Our thirsting for God is never over because Holy Mystery has more fullness of life than we can ever hold and because our human longing never ends.

2009. julius 31. –  Péntek

Dealing with God

We do not need to worry about giving God what we have…. God is a good business partner. A deal with God has guaranteed returns.

2009. julius 30. –  Csütörtök

God’s Nature

The nature of God is to give, to pour out the love which is the divine nature.

2009. julius 29. –  Szerda

Faith and Beauty

Embracing the beauty of the world’s mystery and unexplained depths is cause for rejoicing. How could this not be God’s will for us?

2009. julius 28. –  Kedd

Gift of Wisdom

Where there is love and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.

2009. julius 27. –  Hétfő

Glorious Word

The joy of the Resurrection reminds us that suffering does not have the last word. The final word will be the glorious resurrection.

2009. julius 26. –  Vasárnap

Unfathomable Mystery

It is as magnificent a realization as it is profound to proclaim from the mountaintops that God is unfathomable Mystery.

2009. julius 25. –  Szombat

Unconditional Love

Love within a family is unconditional, and this kind of environment is necessary not only for children but also for adults who need a space of healing from wounds inflicted in the marketplace.

2009. julius 24. –  Péntek

Resurrection in Community

Renewed life and interdependence are entwined…. We cannot live a resurrected life alone.

2009. julius 23. –  Csütörtök

Hope Calls Us

Hope prods us to step out again, to imagine, to speak, to risk, to put ourselves on the line, to dare to work toward the kingdom—together.

2009. julius 22. –  Szerda


The pure of heart are those who never cease adoring and looking with pure heart and soul upon the Lord living and true.

2009. julius 21. –  Kedd

Sacred Moment

We should be ready to encounter the sacred at every moment.

2009. julius 20. –  Hétfő

Knowing God

Mystical experience is knowing God experientially…because of what happened in your own mind, heart and soul.

2009. julius 19. –  Vasárnap

Making a Difference

Sometimes in the dream of making a difference in the world, our number one enemy is ourselves.

2009. julius 18. –  Szombat

Annunciation in Loss

A loss can be a form of annunciation with the possibility—no, probability—of new life. That can happen in large and small ways.

2009. julius 17. –  Péntek

Paths to Holiness

As much as we need to see everyday asceticism as part of our spirituality, so, too, pleasure and beauty are irreplaceable paths to holiness.

2009. julius 16. –  Csütörtök

Speaking Volumes

The way we react to those who persecute and slander us says volumes about who we really are and what we say we believe.

2009. julius 15. –  Szerda

No Appointment Necessary

Our spiritual encounters do not have to be appointments we make with God…. Our spirituality should saturate every task we do.

2009. julius 14. –  Kedd

Significance of Experience

A key component of spiritual awakening is paying attention to the significance, even the potential significance, of life experiences.

2009. julius 13. –  Hétfő

Serving God

When we wish to serve God, one sure way to do it is to love our neighbor.

2009. julius 12. –  Vasárnap

Not Lost

Nothing of what is is lost. It is not lost to God, nor to us.

2009. julius 11. –  Szombat

Seeing as God Sees

True Christian humility does not involve denying our own dignity. Rather it is learning to see ourselves truly as God sees us.

2009. julius 10. –  Péntek

Finding Our Heroism

It is much easier to read Bible stories or saints’ lives and admire the heroic lives there than to try to be heroic ourselves.

2009. julius 9. –  Csütörtök

Saints Live

Mary and the saints are not dead…. They are alive in their relationships with their devotees.

2009. julius 8. – Szerda

Walking a Spiritual Path

The call to prayer, the way of authentically walking a spiritual path, is to be open to real and allow that reality to lead us, perhaps not pain-free, to God.

2009. julius 7. – Kedd

Wisdom’s Gift

The gift of wisdom is the gift of falling in love with the Holy Spirit.

2009. julius 6. – Hétfő

Communion of Saints

One can imagine all of us belonging to one another, as in the communion of saints, and all abiding in God.

2009. julius 5. –  Vasárnap

Spiritual Training

Through sustained practice, we learn to cooperate with God’s grace to live lives of virtue and holiness.

2009. julius 4. –  Szombat

Betrothal to God

Those who overcome temptation are wed to God, and temptation overcome is the ring they wear to prove their betrothal.

2009. julius 3. –  Péntek

Fullness of God

No prayer, liturgy or ritual can embody God in God’s fullness. We are always, ultimately, at a loss for words to describe the height, depth, width and breadth of the sacred.

2009. julius 2. –  Csütörtök

Prayer’s Awakening

Awakening to prayer is noticing the intimacy between all aspects of your life and God.

2009. julius 1. –  Szerda

A Mothered World

A woman who mothers her world has an eye for beauty, cares for the poor and speaks values contrary to the status quo. 

2009. junius 30. –  Kedd

Recognizing Resurrection

The resurrected Jesus was recognized in the ordinary actions of life: preparing food on the beach, eating with friends, walking and conversing with friends.

2009. junius 29. –  Hétfő

Holy Power, Holy Presence

The Spirit is the vehicle by which we leave off the old self bound by sin, slavery, fear and egoism, and embrace the new, open to grace and freedom and love.

2009. junius 28. –  Vasárnap

Glory to God

This is what we should glory in: Rendering glory to God, serving God faithfully and acknowledging as God's whatever God gives us.

2009. junius 27. –  Szombat

Turning, Returning

In reality, there is only one sin: turning away from God. And there is simply one conversion: returning to God’s love.

2009. junius 26. –  Péntek


Disarming God, guide me along the way of nonviolence. Disarm my heart, and I shall be your instrument to disarm other hearts.

2009. junius 25. –  Csütörtök

Facing Evil

To be overcome, evil must be looked in the eye but looked at with love—our love, the love of the Lord.

2009. junius 24. –  Szerda

Real Power

Mary is the perfect example of what a young, poor, powerless woman can initiate in the world by saying a resounding yes to God.

2009. junius 23. –  Kedd

Getting Started

On our way to loving our enemies as Jesus teaches, we can begin by respecting the otherness of the other.

2009. junius 22. –  Hétfő

Hard Truth

There is no easy way to love our enemies. It will not make us popular. It will not benefit anyone—except the lives of our enemies.

2009. junius 21. –  Vasárnap

Yes or No

Jesus offers us alternatives. We must make the choice to follow his alternative way of life or to not follow him.

2009. junius 20. – Szombat

Same Path

Jesus, give me the grace to become your disciple, that my life might reflect your life, that my story might be part of your story.

2009. junius 19. – Péntek

Touched by God

We know that the best within us comes from God, that God has given us everything that is holy within us.

2009. junius 18. – Csütörtök

A Command

Peace is possible in our lives—not only possible but demanded of us. Jesus’ offering of peace often comes as a kind of command.

2009. junius 17. – Szerda

The Roots of Peace

Before peace can bond nations, it must dwell in our hearts and lives, binding us together as children of God.

2009. junius 16. – Kedd


The proof of God’s love and compassion is printed with nails in the palms of his only Son, Jesus Christ.

2009. junius 15. – Hétfő

A Glimpse of God

God’s infinite goodness and mercy is found in the fall of the human race. Something made him want to save us.

2009. junius 14. – Vasárnap

Lost Lambs

Jesus came not to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance. The Good Shepherd comes to seek and to find the lost lambs.

2009. junius 13. – Szombat

Our Compassionate God

God is full of compassion, always looking for some way to reach the lost and forsaken.

2009. junius 12. – Péntek

God's Mercy

There is always hope of salvation until a person has finally passed the frontier of death. God predestines no one to hell.

2009. junius 11. – Csütörtök

Just a Glimpse

If you have loved and been loved in return, you have some idea of what the promise of eternal life is.

2009. junius 10. – Szerda

The Bottom Line

There is really only one question of absolute significance in life: Are we going to be saved? Salvation is the bottom line.

2009. junius 9. – Kedd

Embrace the Mystery

Learn the mystery of surrender and trust, and then it will be done unto you, through you, with you, in you and very often, in spite of you.

2009. junius 8. – Hétfő

The Face of God

God’s face is turned toward us absolutely. It is we who have to learn to return the gaze.

2009. junius 7. – Vasárnap

Biblical Promise

All is in flux, physically and psychologically, unless we have an Absolute Center, which is exactly what the Bible promises.

2009. junius 6. – Szombat

Right Direction

The lives of saints never point to themselves, but always and forever beyond themselves to the One who chose them, uses them and loves them.

2009. junius 5. – Péntek


It is in falling down that we learn almost everything that matters spiritually.

2009. junius 4. – Csütörtök

Positive Start

We were created in the very “image and likeness” of God. This starts us out on an absolutely positive and hopeful foundation.

2009. junius 3. – Szerda

Where God Is

God is manifest in the ordinary, in the actual, in the daily, in the now, in the concrete incarnations of life.

2009. junius 2. – Kedd

God's Instruments

We do not have to spend hours on our knees every day. We simply have to offer our lives as instruments of God.

2009. junius 1. – Hétfő

Power of Prayer

We do not need to feel helpless when the world overwhelms us, since we do not pray alone.

2009. május 31. – Vasárnap

God's Creation

We are more than we appear. We see our sins; God sees our Spirit. We need to have faith in ourselves as God's creation.

2009. május 30. – Szombat

God's View

When God looks at us he sees all the promise and talents he has given us. If only we could see ourselves as our heavenly Father does!

2009. május 29. – Péntek

Jesus' Hands

When you reach out and touch someone, help someone, your hands are the hands of Christ still at work on earth.

2009. május 28. – Csütörtök

Special Connection

The Holy Spirit is our high-speed connection to the Father and the Son. In an instant the Spirit will inspire, lead, guide us.

2009. május 27. – Szerda

Relating to God

We need a God that we can relate to at the human level. That is the gift of Jesus, a God enfleshed in our form.

2009. május 26. – Kedd

Elusive Virtue

The more we pursue humility—and the more we seem to acquire it—the more we take pride in our accomplishment.

2009. május 25. – Hétfő

Spiritual Maturity

Part of growing up spiritually is learning to be grateful for all things, even our difficulties, disappointments, failures, humiliations.

2009. május 24. – Vasárnap

Our Choice

God leaves us free to accept or reject his love. We make that choice every day, building on the choice we made the day before.

2009. május 23. – Szombat

Staying Close

We sustain our love by growing older in close company with the object of our love. This is true of marriage, and of our life of faith.

2009. május  22. – Péntek


If birth is so important that it marks a major touchstone every year, shouldn't our rebirth in Christ at baptism be even more important?

2009. május 21. – Csütörtök

Family Education

The family is the great catechism God has given the world. The work of our lifetime is to learn how to read it and then study it prayerfully.

2009. május 20. – Szerda

Our Model

God entered history through a family in order to make family life holy and show us how to live in our homes.

2009. május 19. – Kedd

Shout it Out!

We cannot be Christians and remain silent or fearful. The message of Christ must be shouted out to others.

2009. május 18. – Hétfő

It's All About Time

If we never make the time or take time to be with the Lord, nothing spiritual can happen in our lives.

2009. május 17. – Vasárnap

Our Role

Our highest role as creatures is to offer worship and to share a oneness with our Creator.

2009. május 16. – Szombat

It's About Faith

We need to have faith in the power of Jesus over death. Life and death are in God's loving hands.

2009. május 15. – Péntek


Pray for the strength to give some things--even a few at a time--to someone who has need of them.

2009. május 14. – Csütörtök


Pray for the strength to give some things--even a few at a time--to someone who has need of them.

2009. május 13. – Szerda


Pray for the strength to give some things--even a few at a time--to someone who has need of them.

2009. május 12. – Kedd

Taking Time

What kind of relationships would you have with people if you never spent any time with them?

2009. május 11. – Hétfő

Don't Stop Praying

Even when you try to pray and God doesn’t seem to show up, don’t stop praying.

2009. május 10. – Vasárnap

Count on God

There is very little in prayer that depends on me. All of that depends on God.

2009. május 9. – Szombat

Pray Always

If you want to know who you are and why you’re here, start praying every day.

2009. május 8. – Péntek

Time With Jesus

Spending time with Jesus can only help me come to a greater understanding of myself.

2009. május 7. – Csütörtök


By its very nature, prayer informs and inspires my core identity.

2009. május 6. – Szerda

Take Time

There’s nothing more important I can do in my day than take some time to be with my Lord.

2009. május 5. – Kedd

School of Love

Marriage is a school of love for you and for your children.

2009. május 4. – Hétfő

Total Gift

Marriage is not a “matching gift” program but rather a total gift of self to the other.

2009. május 3. – Vasárnap

Marriage Vocation

In the vocation of marriage, you become the primary channel of grace for your spouse; in cooperation with grace, you assist each other on the path to heaven.

2009. május 2. – Szombat

Compassionate Care

In marriage you model for your children the kind of compassionate care and sacrificial service you long for them to imitate.

2009. május 1. – Péntek

Parental Love

The greatest need of your children is to experience the love of their parents for each other.

2009. április 30. – Csütörtök


The love of husband and wife is the wellspring of love for the entire family.

2009. április 29. – Szerda

Covenant Partner

Your covenant partner is your greatest gift, after Christ and his spouse, the Church.

2009. április 28. – Kedd

Finding Truth

A prudent man looks for truth, finds truth and lives truth.

2009. április 27. – Hétfő


Prudence means living in the truth.

2009. április 26. – Vasárnap

Be An Example

Let me spend my waking hours seeking an example, finding an example, being an example.

2009. április 25. – Szombat

A Prayer

Lord, let me live each day with the knowledge that I mean something.

2009. április 24. – Péntek

Grace Is Waiting

With grace, the sacraments and the “repetition of good acts,” this great life is not only attainable, but easier than the opposite.

2009. április 23. – Csütörtök

Think Young

One thing that can make us old fast is thinking that we are getting old.

2009. április 22. – Szerda

Choose Greatness

When given the option for greatness in life, it’s easy to opt out time and time again, until it becomes a habit.

2009. április 21. – Kedd

Foundations of Love

The church and the family were founded in love, and both function best when love is their source and sustenance.

2009. április 20. – Hétfő

Family Mandate

Compliment and affirm each other often.

2009. április 19. – Vasárnap

Family Mercy

Make time to be together as a family—to eat together, to play, work and learn together.

2009. április 18. – Szombat

Welcome Place

Both church and family members are called to learn, pray, play, celebrate and serve together; both church and family are called to be welcoming and reconciling.

2009. április 17. – Péntek

Safe Place

Like the church, families hope to provide for our children a place where they can be nurtured and fed, forgiven and reconciled, before they return to their everyday responsibilities.

2009. április 16. – Csütörtök


The church is a family where those adults can come to be fed and nourished, forgiven and reconciled.

2009. április 15. – Szerda

Little Church

Since early times the Church has been referred to as a family, and the family has been called the “little church” or “domestic church.” Both communities share similar visions and tasks, responsibilities and benefits.

2009. április 14. –Kedd


The peace Jesus gives does not obliterate fear, but it does offer comfort and courage.

2009. április 13. –Husvéthétfő


Easter is our Alleluia day: the day we were released from bondage.

2009. április 12. –Husvétvasárnap

Happy Easter!

Place a bowl of water on your table today. Bless the water, then bless yourself. Remember your Baptism!

2009. április 11. – Nagyszombat

Easter Fire

Decorate an Easter candle for the center of your table. Alleluia! Jesus is risen!

2009. április 10. – Nagypéntek

Fast and Pray

Fast and pray today, Good Friday. During the hours of the crucifixion keep silence.

2009. április 9. – Nagycsütörtök

Breaking Bread

Jesus is the Bread of Life. At your family table, break bread together with passionate faith.

2009. április 8. – Nagyszerda

Altar Table

The altar is a symbol of God’s table.Our family table supports that image. Set it specially for the next few days.

2009. április 7. – Nagykedd

What Would Jesus Do?

Judas kept the money bags and that seemed to get him in trouble. Consider your use of money today. Are you overly consumptive? Do you share with the poor?

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